About Glennis McGregor

This blog is a purely personal project and none of the posts have been overseen by a qualified art historian with the exception of Colour Symbolism in Giotto’s Arena Chapel, which was an assignment at Birkbeck University where I’m studying after work (as a UX architect). I’ve been interested in CG art and animation for many years, but confess I’ve tried and failed to become a gamer. In any case, I love 3D digital art in its myriad forms and do see a connection there with the realism and immersion of the Renaissance painters.

Renaissance painting is my true love, and I feel so lucky to live in London, able to visit the National Gallery anytime and travel around Europe taking in the most amazing art and exhibitions.

I’m also a painter, and my engagement with that creates even more awe for the Renaissance masters if that’s possible.

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