Reflecting on the Ghent Altarpiece

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It’s wonderful to be back guest posting on the very happening Art History Blog, 3 Pipe Problem. The original purpose and symbolism of the Ghent Altarpiece is explored with insights from the 2012 Van Eyck studies symposium in Brussels.

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Van Eyck's Ghent Altarpiece

Ghent Altarpiece, Van Eyck, c. 1532, imagery courtesy of

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One Response to “Reflecting on the Ghent Altarpiece”

  1. I attended all three days of the Colloquium. And besides that I was lucky to be given the opportunity to visit the KIK-IRPA studio’s on the day before. They will be restoring the panels of the Mystic Lamb.
    As a painter myself I am doing practical research on historic painting techniques of the Flemish Primitives. So you can immagine for me it was verry interesting to exchange idea’s about the use of authentic pigments, oils and varnishes by painters during the 15th century
    Have a look at the picture-gallery at my website. There you can find some examples of copies I made and some current reconstruction-projects.